We’re a very small independent fashion design company committed to a sustainable future in fashion.

Our aim is to provide high quality cashmere knitwear with a focus on longevity, design and production quality, as well as utilising the best in Scottish manufacturers craft and expertise. This means our products are expensive to produce, and as we only want to create beautiful items in the world that have enough demand, we’d like to keep our creations in the hands of those who will love, appreciate and care for them, as we and our fellow Scottish artisans creating them have done equally.

On this website we rely on a pre-order system which means that the products you buy on the site might not be available yet because they haven’t been made yet! This on-demand model ensures that we don’t over-produce and only create as much as demand permits.

To ensure the feasibility of this unconventional commercial model, we require a minimum amount of pre-orders for any item per size. Customers will be required to pay the full price up front, and to expect variable production times — up to 12 weeks — after an item has reached its minimum pre-order quota and is then eligible for moving to production.

If an item does not reach the minimum pre-order quantity, then we will refund all customers who have made pre-orders for that item. There’s always a chance an item may be available up for another pre-order round, and if you have any interest in any of the items listed on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us to register your interest, or to sign up to our newsletter to hear about when pre-orders will be available.

We feel that high quality fashion deserves patience and respect, and hope that you will cherish your future Riachi Studio pieces for the years to come.

If you are a commercial store wanting to stock Riachi Studio products, please contact us.